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Our Training Academy courses at Paw Haus are designed by expert Michael Emans and held in small groups of 6 – 8 at our centre in Livingston. Our next course dates begin on 29th March 2022.


Michael has over 30 year experience training dogs, he is a qualified scent instructor and has a particular interest in helping dogs with behavioural issues.

michaal and ubba


Courses Starting 29th March 2022

Training Curriculum

WK1 – Introduction and Overview

WK2 – Verbal Markers, Obedience, Shaping and Luring.

WK3 – Sits, Downs and Recall

WK4 – Leash Pressure

WK5 – Leave it /Out

WK6 – Power of Play

WK7 –  Problem Solving and Impulse Control

WK 8 – All weeks combined, refresher, what’s next?

*Adolescent Dog Course is combined as 6 weeks from the above curriculum depending on the needs of the group – a maximum of 6 dogs.

£120only £15 week / 8 weeks

Puppy Training

Puppies up to 10 months old

Small Classes




Build a Bond

Have fun!

£120only £20 week / 6 weeks

Adolescent Dogs

Young dogs up to 24 months old


Small Classes


Deal with common issues


Have fun!

Small Classes

Specialised Learning in small classes 


Confidently communicate with your dog


Build the foundations and create a bond of trust 

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