Paw Haus RecruitmentRole: Waggy-tail makerZone: Doggy Daycare and Playzone

Paw Haus is designed with one thing front and centre in all we do – the happiness and ability for all dogs to thrive whilst with us. Started by a team of highly experienced professionals, including significant pet industry knowledge, experience, connections and understanding, we spotted an opportunity to bring a brand new idea to market: the PawHaus Play Zones. Headquartered in Scotland (where yes, we do experience a good amount of rain!), the idea of indoor Play Zones made a lot of sense to us – so we got on with making it happen. Reflecting upon what people told us they wanted, we also decided to offer our Doggy Day Care as well as a range of other services such as puppy training classes, birthday parties and events. With the best training available being offered, we also make sure that our team members with experience, and those starting out, have all they need to be the best in the world. We’re so obsessed with that in fact that we also offer the opportunity for our members of the team to share in our success. We know that everything we do is based upon a real team effort, so here at Paw Haus we are building an inclusive, friendly and positive culture – one where everyone is truly part of the team.

Join the Waggy-tail team!

We understand how important a great environment is for dogs, and how important that is for their pet-parents too, which is why we focus on making sure that every one of our Waggy-tail-making team is just right. On a day-to-day basis, you’ll be working with a small number of dogs where real relationships get formed. As such, you’ll need to bring loads of patience, great enthusiasm and ideally some experience working with dogs – either way, we offer training and ongoing development as we are always keen to be one step ahead of the pack!

Key Responsibilities:

  • Looking after the mental, physical and emotional well-being of the dogs under your care – and that of the team – at all times
  • Playing with, walking and supervising the dogs under your care
  • Keeping an eye out for any nervous or unwanted behaviour – and helping to avert any such issues through the engagement of the dogs
  • Making sure that you maintain our Dog : Waggy-Tail-Team ratio at the right level
  • Helping feed the dogs
o Deal with any outside, or inside, outcomes using the poo-bags and kit provided!
  • Help to maintain a clean, healthy environment at all times – including regular cleaning of the equipment and spaces enjoyed by our furry visitors
  • Speak confidently to – and be approachable by – all pet-parents; helping answer any queries or suggestions they may make Our ideal candidate will be:
  • Comfortable and confident around dogs and someone who enjoys the company of our paw-owning community
  • Be well-presented and have great communication skills
  • Be organised, good at time keeping and being reliable
  • Be good at multi-tasking and able to keep a cool head. Our paw-owners need us to demonstrate the kinds of behaviours we expect which helps create the right kind of relaxed, fun environment!
  • Be comfortable being occasionally “on-camera” as our live, secure feed will be available to pet-parents to see their Doggies whilst in our care
  • Have great customer-care skills and be happy to work with pet-parents to address any questions

We offer:

  • A competitive salary (we are an “above living wage” employer) & the opportunity to share in the success of Paw Haus
  • Flexible working
o Our patterns are built around 4-hour shifts to help allow for those who can only commit to a certain number of hours
  • Pension contributions
  • Great holidays starting at 22 days + stats

How to apply:

  • Send us your CV and a cover letter explaining why you would be a brilliant member of our team – and remember, we want to get a sense of who you are, so please tell us all about yourself! Please also let us know your current salary or salary expectations
  • Our furry clients, pet-parents and fellow team-members are vital to us all, so we also carry out standard Disclosure checks too
Recruitment for this position is currently paused due to a large number of applications. Check out our facebook page for progress reports. Visit us on Facebook

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