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January 21, 2022 by Paw Haus Team 0 Comments

Wobble Board for Dogs

What is a Wobble Board?

A Wobble Board is a simple tool used to train dogs in Balance and Agility.

Balance Training can help your dog to improve their body perception and help to strengthen their self-confidence by learning to cope with changes and instability in their environment.

With Wobble Board training your dog will not only develop their motor-skills but will also improve its core strength as it works to maintain its centre of gravity.

Paw Haus Adventure Play

We are unique in the Dog Play World – our Adventure Play Equipment is custom built to our exact specifications in the UK.

Every piece of play equipment is carefully chosen to provide your dog with mental and/or physical stimulation. Whether it be help with confidence, balance or just plain old fun, we’ve got it!

Our Adventure play at Paw Haus mimics the types of challenges your dog would face on a run through the forest, using their natural instincts to investigate and explore.

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